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A Comprehensive Course on Percutaneous Atrial Septal Interventions: Advancing Multidisciplinary Patient Care

CS Medical, a leading healthcare company, is proud to sponsor an upcoming event focused on percutaneous atrial septal interventions. This theoretical and practical course aims to introduce interventional cardiologists and imaging specialists to the techniques of atrial septal closure. The event will highlight the secondary prevention of cryptogenic ischemic cerebrovascular events in patients with a patent foramen ovale (PFO) and the management of patients with atrial septal defects (ASD). By combining theoretical lectures, case presentations, live procedures, and hands-on tutorials, this course emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary evaluation in the management of these patients.

Event Details:

Date: May 8-9, 2023
Location: Aula di nefrologia, Ospedale di Ciriè (TO) – Via Battitore 7/9
Organizer: COMUNICARE Torino


Theoretical and Practical Course for the Multidisciplinary Management of Patients with Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) and Atrial Septal Defects (ASD)


Distinguished faculty members will be leading the course:

  • Luigi Biasco
  • Michele Capriolo
  • Marco Fadde
  • Lorenzo Gaiero
  • Gaetano Senatore

Course Program – Monday, May 8:

  • 14:00 Course Introduction
  • 14:10 Anatomy and Imaging of the Atrial Septum: What the Interventionist Needs to Know from Echo in PFO Patients
  • 14:40 Evidence and Indications: What the Literature Tells Us
  • 15:00 Workshop: Materials and Procedural Techniques. Device Preparation for PFO Closure
  • 15:30 Clinical Case Presentation
  • 16:15 Case I: Percutaneous Closure of FOP
  • 17:30 Research and Development: Designing and Engineering Devices
  • 18:00 Tips and Tricks: What to Have, What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Course Program – Tuesday, May 9:

  • 09:00 Echocardiographic Anatomy of the Atrial Septum in ASD Patients
  • 09:50 Cardiac Catheterization in ASD Patients: Data Collection, Interpretation, and Utilization
  • 10:30 Case II: Percutaneous Closure of ASD (if DIA is unavailable, PFO closure will be demonstrated)
  • 12:30 Live Cases in a Box (with ASD closure if not demonstrated live): Platypnea-Orthodeoxia Syndrome, Decompression Sickness, Complex Closures

CS Medical is honored to sponsor this course on percutaneous atrial septal interventions. By bringing together interventional cardiologists, neurologists, imaging specialists, and clinicians, the event will emphasize the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in the management of patients with PFO and ASD. Through theoretical knowledge, practical demonstrations, and interactive sessions, participants will gain valuable insights and skills to enhance patient care and outcomes. CS Medical remains committed to supporting initiatives that drive innovation and collaboration in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

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