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CS Medical Presents: Percutaneous Revascularization in Diabetic Patients

Date: March 14, 2023
Location: Hotel Cenobio dei Dogi, Via Nicolò Cuneo, 34, 16032 Camogli (GE), Italy

CS Medical is proud to announce its sponsorship of an important medical event focused on percutaneous revascularization in diabetic patients. The event, organized by Aristea, will take place on March 14, 2023, in Camogli, Genoa. With the scientific guidance of Dr. Alberto Menozzi, Director of Cardiology at Ospedale Sant’Andrea in La Spezia, this symposium aims to shed light on the challenges and advancements in treating diabetic patients with revascularization procedures.

The symposium will bring together renowned experts and practitioners in the field of cardiology, providing a platform for knowledge sharing, discussion, and exchange of experiences. It will consist of two sessions, each focusing on different aspects of percutaneous revascularization in diabetic patients.


Moderators: A. Menozzi, S. Moshiri, I. Porto Discussants: S. Benedetto, G. Pignatelli, E. Puggioni, S. Robotti

The first session will commence with an introduction by the moderators, followed by presentations and discussions on topics such as:

  • When to prefer percutaneous revascularization in the multivessel diabetic patient – presented by A. Rolandi.
  • Clinical experience: Multivessel revascularization in diabetic patients – shared by G. Caretta.
  • Optimizing the efficacy of PCI in diabetic patients through functional and imaging techniques – presented by A. Nicolino.
  • Clinical experience: The use of FFR and imaging in a diabetic patient – shared by R. Vergallo.

After the first session, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a coffee break and network with their peers.


Moderators: M. De Benedicts, F. Ferrari, G. Tonelli Discussants: C. Bernelli, V. Boasi, F. Jeva, M. Vercellino

The second session will focus on the choice of stents in diabetic patients and their impact on the efficacy of PCI. The following topics will be discussed:

  • The choice of stents in diabetic patients – presented by A. Menozzi.
  • Clinical experience: Case study on stent choice in a diabetic patient – presented by G. Crimi.
  • Balancing antiplatelet therapy and stent choice: Managing the delicate balance between ischemic and bleeding risks in diabetic patients – presented by G. Parodi.
  • Clinical experience: PCI in a diabetic patient with acute chronic syndrome – presented by D. Bartolini.

The symposium will conclude with a summary of key takeaways and conclusions from the discussions.

CS Medical, as a non-conditioning sponsor, is proud to support this initiative and contribute to the scientific and clinical advancements in the field of percutaneous revascularization in diabetic patients. We believe that by fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among experts, we can improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care for those living with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

We encourage all interested healthcare professionals to attend this insightful symposium. Registration is free but mandatory. Secure your spot by registering.

For further information, please contact Aristea at:

Address: Via Roma, 10, 16121 Genova

Tel: 010 553591

Email: genova@aristea.com

Join us in Camogli, Genoa, and be part of this important event that aims to improve the treatment outcomes for diabetic patients through percutaneous revascularization techniques.

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