Ethics and Value

DMO Medical

DMO MEDICAL S.r.l. is specialized on products for interventional cardio and vascular surgery divisions. To ensure the highest goal, our choice is focused on two major market leader (Boston Scientific / Gore).
Manufacturers policy are very strict, to safeguard the customer, and allow us to distribute the products exclusively in a well defined geographical area.


CS Medical 7

Those who rely on CS MEDICAL 7 S.r.l. is interested in growing. We help to create a commercial network within the medical community to introduce technological innovations requiring new intervention methods. We are not only distributors, but partners of the companies we work with: we guide our customers not only to buy but also to the use of the products that we distribute. Therein lies our greatest challenge: to provide our customers a complete package to introduce the most advanced treatment methods.
In addition we carry out also activities complementary to the sale, always in line with our objective:

  • Clinical trials organization including FIM (First in Man)
  • DRG Research
  • Strategic and operative marketing activities
  • National sales network selection
  • National sales network mamagement
  • Participation in regional and national tenders
  • Trade and clinical product placement